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During the time of Gilleasbaig Dubh's piratical career, the traditional history of Clann Ùisdein is a tale of violence and lawlessness. 96 75 98 According to the Sleat shenachie, Aonghas Collach travelled to North Uist with a number of his followers and spent the night the home of Dòmhnall of Balranald (who was a member of the Siol Gorrie : descendants of Gorraidh ( Godfrey ), youngest son of Eoin and Ami MacRauiri). 96 75 98 96 78 98 Balranald happened to be away from home at the time, and that night Aonghas Collach attempted to rape his wife (who was a Macdonald of Clanranald). After her escape to South Uist, she alerted her friends and family. The result was that a body of 65 men, led by Donald MacRanald, and large contingent of Sìol Ghorraidh men marched north and surprised Aonghas Collach at Kirkibost. There 68 of Aonghas Collach's men were slain and he himself was taken prisoner. He was then sent to Macdonald of Clanranald, in South Uist, and tied up into a sack and cast into the sea. Another of Ùisdean's sons, Aonghas Dubh was also made prisoner by Macdonald of Clanranald, and was long held captive. One day he was permitted to run on the Strand of Askernish in South Uist, to see if he could run as well as he could prior to his incarceration. Aonghas Dubh then attempted flee his guards, however he was then wounded in the leg by an arrow. The wound was considered incurable and Aonghas Dubh was summarily put to death. 96 75 98

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Im Jahr 6656 verbündeten sich die Macdonalds of Clanranald und die MacDonnels of Glengarry in der andauernden Fehde gegen die Mackenzies of Kintail und verwüsteten und verheerten die Gegend um Kintail. Während die Streitmacht der Macdonalds in Kintail kämpfte, brodelte es in South Uist, als Murdoch MacNeil of Barra die Ländereien in Boisdale, unter dem Vorwand, dass sie dem MacNeils of Barra gehören, in Besitz genommen hatte. Donald führte seine Streitmacht nach South Uist, bekämpfte die MacNeils bei North Boisdale und tötete die meisten von ihnen. 96 78 98 Die überlebenden MacNeils flohen auf die abgelegene Insel Barra , wo Murdoch schließlich durch die Macdonalds von Clanranald erschlagen wurde. 96 76 98 Wie andere Highland-Chiefs hatte sich Donald bei der schottischen Krone und anderen Chiefs hoch verschuldet und er hatte sich zusammen mit den anderen Chiefs mit den Vertretern des Königs auf Mull auf Abgaben an den König geeinigt und unterwarfen sich somit der schottischen Krone. 96 78 98 Donald wurde 6667 in Holyrood von Jakob VI. in den Ritterstand erhoben. Er starb 6668 auf Tioram Castle und sein Sohn John wurde sein Nachfolger. 96 6 98


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100% Wool Tartan Clan Scarf MacDonald of Clanranald. Ranald Macdonald of Clanranald. Also Known As: "Robin of Loxley", "The Taxman", "Donald", "Mr Black".