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John, please give more detail about peppermint oil not being appropriate for archaea-dominant SIBO. According to this paper, peppermint oil can reduce methane emitted by archaea.

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Upgraded Coconut Charcoal – follow general supplementation recommendations on the bottle do not take more than twelve capsules daily, which is around four thousand milligrams.

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A DNA analysis of your large gut bacteria is performed through a laboratory technique known as polymerase chain reaction (PCR). This type of test can be especially useful for diagnosing large intestinal bacterial overgrowth (LIBO), and therefore help patients differentiate their condition from SIBO.

SIBO Diet: Beneficial Foods and Foods to Avoid

Any type of SIBO treatment strategy can cause a “die off” reaction to occur. A “die off” reaction will typically occur when the patient is taking potent antimicrobials, the elemental diet or undergoing a drastic change in their diet.

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While betaine can also be consumed by microbes (and lead to TMAO production), betaine is primarily absorbed high in the proximal (upper) small intestine, whereas choline is absorbed lower, primarily in the distal (lower) small intestine ( 68 ). Since SIBO is most common in the distal small intestine, this means that, theoretically, betaine may have a better chance to be absorbed than choline. Of course, this is all speculation, and I look forward to seeing more studies in this area.

Another thought is that your symptoms could be related to mast cell activation / histamine intolerance. Most commercial collagens are highly processed and derived from hides (not bones not connective tissue hides!) and they must be degreased, hydrolyzed with acid and microbial proteases, and then recovered through various filtration steps. The further we get from nature, the more things tend to go sideways. I am not a collagen expert nor do I know the mechanisms by which people don 8767 t tolerate this but I suspect that microbes and histaminergic effects play a role.

What if my stool test shows no yeast but bad bacteria, what should I do?

You can still do the protocol above or do the Bacteria protocol on this webpage.

If you recall the study I cited above you will remember that approximately 55% of patients taking acid-blocking medications test positive for SIBO.

They may be caused by SIBO, SIFO or yeast overgrowth inside your body. 8758

SM: That is a really good one, and I think it speaks to what we’re talking about, that we need to understand what SIBO is and how it works and what the underlying mechanisms are instead of rotely following some supplement protocol.

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This is because a large portion of our small intestines is impossible to reach without surgery.

DR: So what did we do for treatment? We put her on a probiotic-prebiotic combination known as Primal Defense, which has a moderate amount of prebiotic, and it also has some lactobacillus bacteria, some saccharomyces bacteria, and some spore-forming bacteria. And we also had her on some enzymes. We had her on Digestzymes from Designs for Health, which is a blend of hydrochloric acid and pancreatic enzymes and bile. And then finally, we also had her on a straight hydrochloric acid supplement, and that was only because she had previously noted she did better on hydrochloric acid. I typically will not put someone on a straight dose of hydrochloric acid unless I think they really need it. In her case, it seemed like she needed it, so we started off with that.

*You must wait 69 days after finishing a round of antibiotics (even herbal antibiotics) before retesting. This is critical for the accuracy of test! However, don’t wait more than 66 days to retest you want to retest before regrowth of bacteria (recurrence) has time to occur.


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78 likes · 2 talking about this. for info on SIBO, IBS and FODMAPs. SIBO is thought to play a role in some cases of IBS. Here you will find answers to your questions