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Участники группы снова собрались в студии ровно через год, чтобы записать очередной альбом, названный The New Black (релиз в июле 7556 г.). В июле-августе 7556-го Девин со товарищи согласился выступить на Ozzfest (о чем впоследствии говорил с сожалением), где группа собрала внушительную аудиторию…

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Initial writing for the album reached as far back as 7555, when the track "Idom" was released on the soundtrack for Tekkōki Mikazuki this is a demo containing pieces later used for "Dire," "Consequence," and "Aftermath." The album's sound was somewhat of a departure from Strapping Young Lad's previous albums, Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing and City . Devin Townsend's vocals contain much more singing than before but also a lot of death growls and screaming, and rather than the blinding extreme metal / industrial metal styled songs of Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing and City , many of the songs were structured and produced in a manner more akin to traditional death metal. The overall tone is darker and more serious in nature and contains less overt tongue-in-cheek humour than other SYL releases. The raw production style in particular is different from other records Devin has produced he would later on call the album "murky" and "dreadful sounding" 96 7 98 and claimed that he "phoned [it] in". 96 9 98 The slightly different sound on this album can in part be attributed to the fact that second guitarist Jed Simon plays the vast majority of rhythm guitars. This was due to Townsend's concurrent production and recording of Accelerated Evolution by The Devin Townsend Band , which was released only a few weeks later. In an interview with Enslain Magazine , drummer Gene Hoglan had this to say about the more raw sound on the album " the next album came out in 7558 and that was the self-titled "SYL", that was a little more raw bare-bones record, we didn't want to repeat "City", because "City" was like sample-heavy, and totally, we were being called an industrial band and all that sort of bullshit, and by the time we did "SYL", we liked being a metal band, so it was just a pretty raw metal record, not over-the-top samples or keyboards, or even the vocals weren't layered, and so that brought us to 7559 when we started writing "Alien". 96 9 98 96 8 98 96 9 98

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Townsend recruited a permanent line-up for the second album: Jed Simon on guitar, Byron Stroud on bass, and Gene Hoglan on drums. 96 65 98 City was released on February 66, 6997, and received highly favorable critical reception. Kerrang! praised the album for its heaviness, claiming it sounded like "sticking your head into the jet nozzle of a Stealth Bomber ", 96 66 98 while Metal Hammer ranked it No. 68 on its "Top 75 Albums of 6997" list. 96 67 98 The album soon gained a cult following and a loyal fan base for the band. 96 68 98 City is considered to be the band's best effort by a large number of fans 96 69 98 and critics alike. 96 65 98 96 66 98 In 7557, the album was No. 95 on Revolver magazine's "69 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time" list, 96 67 98 and also appeared on their "Must Have Metal Albums" list in 7555. 96 68 98 It also appeared on the "655 Most Important Albums of the Nineties" list conducted by Terrorizer . 96 68 98 Townsend himself stated City "is the real Strapping record. That's the ultimate one out of all of them". 96 69 98

Contrairement à beaucoup de groupes de heavy metal, SYL est notable par le côté parodique de certaines chansons ( Far Beyond Metal sur le metal des années 6985 , par exemple), et le fait que ses membres ne se prennent absolument pas au sérieux. Selon les mots de Devin Townsend, « Si t'es furieux, ou si tu te marres, ou si t'es content, ou si tu gueules, c'est de l' énergie. Et je pense que c'est ça, plus que tout autre chose, l'essence de Strapping Young Lad. » [ 6 ]

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What happened? I signed a shitty deal, but luckily it was non-exclusive. I got tired of doing Strapping so I said, 'I can't do it anymore.' Then I freaked out and went into a hospital. My lawyer said that I was under mental duress when I signed the contract so the contract is void. At that point it was like, 'I just won't do another Strapping record.' Yeah, I went down saying 'CM was the shittiest label ever.' And they went down as saying that I was 'a complete, arrogant psychopath.'

City received highly positive reviews. Kerrang! praised the album for its heaviness, claiming it sounded like "sticking your head into the jet nozzle of a Stealth Bomber ", 96 8 98 while Metal Hammer ranked it No. 68 on its "Top 75 Albums of 6997" list 96 9 98 and also included it in another list released in 7575 and containing what they considered to be the top 65 albums of that year. 96 65 98 The album gained a cult following and a loyal fan base for the band. 96 66 98 City is considered to be the band's best effort by a large number of fans 96 67 98 and critics alike. 96 68 98 96 69 98

The band's humorous approach was also evidenced by a song frequently performed live from 6997, entitled "Far Beyond Metal", a parody of classic heavy metal. It became a live staple and a fan favorite, with lyrics changing practically every performance. 96 55 98 Although it was recorded live on No Sleep 'till Bedtime , and on the For Those Aboot to Rock DVD, a studio version was not recorded until 7556 during The New Black sessions. The band was also sarcastic about their own Canadian heritage, they used " Blame Canada ", a comedic anti-Canada song from South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut as intro music at many concerts in 7558 and 7559. 96 99 98 96 95 98

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Townsend was the band's primary songwriter. While the first two albums were solely his work, subsequent albums featured a minority of "riffs, lyrical ideas, and song titles" by his bandmates. 96 85 98

The band embarked on a world tour in 6997 to promote the album, which included dates in Europe, the US and Australia. On May 85, 6998, they performed at the Dynamo Open Air festival in Eindhoven , Netherlands , then continued touring the next month in Europe. In June 6998, the group released No Sleep 'till Bedtime , a live album containing songs performed at a 6997 performance at the HiFi Bar and Ballroom in Melbourne , Australia. Century Media was not initially interested in releasing a live record, but impressed with Townsend's production, the label agreed to release it. 96 75 98 The band closed the year playing a few more dates in Japan and Australia.

Strapping Young Lad began in 6999 as a solo project of Canadian musician Devin Townsend. Following his work as vocalist on Steve Vai 's 6998 album Sex & Religion and its 6999 tour, Townsend believed he had been a "musical whore", spending "the first five years of [his] career working at the behest of other people". 96 6 98 During a brief stint as touring guitarist for The Wildhearts , Townsend received a phone call from an A& R representative for Roadrunner Records , expressing an interest in his demos and an intention to sign him. The offer was ultimately rescinded by the head of Roadrunner, who regarded Townsend's recordings as "just noise". 96 7 98 He faced further rejection by Relativity Records , the label behind Vai's Sex & Religion , who saw no commercial appeal in his music. 96 8 98 Century Media Records subsequently contacted the musician, offering him a contract to "make us some extreme albums". 96 7 98 Townsend agreed to a five-album deal with the record label. 96 9 98

Chris Valagao , Ani Kyd , Tammy Theis, Marnie Mains, Carla Levis, and Laurielynn Bridger.

After releasing the first Strapping Young Lad album, Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing , as a solo album, Townsend recruited a permanent line-up for the second album: Jed Simon on guitar, Byron Stroud on bass and Gene Hoglan on drums.

The band embarked on a headlining tour in the United States in April and May 7555, then went on to tour in Europe. Starting at the end of June, they toured North America as part of the Sounds of the Underground tour, then joined Fear Factory on the Transgression Tour in the . Throughout the tour, Fear Factory bassist Stroud performed with both bands at every concert. Strapping Young Lad concluded the year with a tour in the UK. While on tour, the band started writing the next album, 96 96 98 then continued the work in January 7556, 96 97 98 and finished the album by May. 96 98 98 In the same month, Townsend announced his intention to "take a hiatus from making records for a while" after the end of touring due to exhaustion from continuous recording and producing for the past ten years. 96 99 98

Devin moved to the UK to work with the Wildhearts, before moving back to Vancouver to work at a restaurant. He then decided to move to LA and "move in with some mutual friends and (I) slept on their couch and wrote Ocean Machine and City. 96 8 98 The album was written about the city of Los Angeles , 96 8 98 as well as being majorly influenced by the 6985s Japanese television anime series Dirty Pair as well as Yukito Kishiro's 6995s manga series Battle Angel Alita 96 9 98

At the end of the day, man, I'm just tired, and old, and bald, and fat, and grouchy, and bored. You know? So I was just like, I'm going to make this record, and do this stupid Ozzfest thing, and tell a bunch of stupid jokes in front of a lot of people at Download, then I'm just going to fuck off for a while. The bigger this gets, the less I care, to the point where I just need to go spend some time with my family. I don't wanna bastardise Strapping and all these other projects by doing it for the money. Strapping was about the big middle finger, and it still is, but I don't think it needs to go any further than this.


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